Patch 1.6.2 allows additional character slots in TOR

We knew TOR was getting a major patch before the release of its first expansion, yet its contents have still surprised us.

For those with a big, fat wad of Cartel Coins, you’re about to get a few nice surprises.

With Patch 1.6.2, players can now unlock additional character slots for 600 Cartel Coins. Slot restrictions are being enforced, however. So, free players will see a maximum of two per server. Whereas preferred status players will get six slots per shard and subscribers will get 12.

All players have a Global Active Character limit of 350. So, you know, you won’t run out for a while…

There will also be two new armor sets. The Interstellar Privateer Armor Set and Clandestine Officer Armor Set. Both of these can be purchased for 1,400 Cartel Coins.

There will also be some discounts to existing wares and services, such as The Gamorrean Axe and Fleet Passes.

The patch will also introduce a number of bug fixes and tweaks, such as unlock items no longer stacking in inventory, Tinsel Bombs can be used on both friendly and hostile targets, and the Remote Control Starship now regenerates a player’s health and energy pool when channelled.

The patch also adds some minor changes to each class, tweaks to Flashpoints and Operations, Missions and PVP.

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