New World now available, first Pirate Pack DLC Pack available for Amazon Prime Members

Amazon Game Studios New World is now available and its shaping up to one hell of a release window.

New World comes in two different versions with Standard offering the base experience and the Deluxe Edition throwing in a Woodmans armor, hatchet skins, Mastiff house pet, Rock/Paper/Scissors emote set and digital art book.

What’s more if you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you can pick up a Pirate Pack which adds a Pirate Character skin, emote and $4.99 of in-game currency. It’s only available through to November 1 but it is the first of seven Prime Gaming drops expected for New World up to the end of the year.

In New World you explore the island of Aeternum which is full of supernatural wonders and abilities. You can take part in massive PVP battles and band up in factions to explore the game’s content.

To date, over a million people have checked out New World, which is an incredible start for an MMORPG and it seems Amazon Game Studios are only just getting started.

New World is out now on Steam and

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