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Here it is. The moment Nintendo fans have been waiting for. The big N are set to talk about all the exciting Wii U projects they have in store for the system over the next twelve months.

Today, we expect to see Wind Waker in HD, but also a new Mario Kart and new 3D Mario. The rest? It’s a bit of a mystery.

We’ll be reporting on Nintendo’s E3 Direct when it goes live at 3PM.

Prepare your bodies. E3 isn’t over yet!

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15.35 X from Monolithsoft. Looks like Monster Hunter meets mechs and Xenoblade Chronicles. Looks very interesting. It’s coming 2014.

15.30 Bayonetta 2 next. The game will see the witch with cut hair and new moves. It will come in 2014.

15.30 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a HD title and sees the return of Dixxie Kong. It will launch this year!

15.25 Wonderful 101 is next. Will launch August 23rd in Europe. Made by Platinum Games and looking great.

15.23 Player received Tingle Tuner, allowing players to connect GBA to Gamecube. Wii U isn’t capable of linking with GBA and updated the features for Wii U. Can post to Miiverse, comments will wash up on shores of other player’s games. Can even attach screenshot in games. The game released in October! Cannot wait.

15.21 Wind Waker HD now being shown. It looks absolutely glorious! As good as I remember it.

15.18 Third Party Support shown, including Watch_dogs, the exclusive Sonic titles, Skylanders, Splinter Cell and Batman, amongst others. We’ve also seen some eShop titles, including Oddworld: New and Tasty, World of Keflings and more..

15.14 Art Academy is in development for Wii U and will improve the drawing abilities in Miiverse. You can create drawings in Art Academy and then post them to Miiverse.

15.12 Wii Party U is not due this Summer but will be coming later this year. Wii Fit U is not launching in the Summer and will have new features in the game. It is still expected this year.

15.10 Anti-gravity in courses in Mario Kart 8. Can race up walls and up and down in new course types. Can also glide through sky and underwater. Mario Kart 8 will offer new online multiplayer modes, but you can share fun over Miiverse. The game will launch in Spring 2014.

15.07 Super Mario 3D World is coming to Wii U. Allows four player co-op. Reminicsant of Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS. New power-up is Cat-Mario. He can scratch enemies and climb walls. Coming in December

15.03 New Fairy Pokemon. You can also pet and play Pokemon. Pokemon-a-me allows you to take care of your favourite Pokemon. The games will release October 12th Worldwide.

15.01 We’re live! Pokemon X and Pokemon Y being shown now

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