NINTENDO THURSDAY: 3DS gets a lot. Wii U gets nothing.

Nintendo are kicking 2013 off with some exciting downloadable titles and new DLC for Art Academy on 3DS.

This Thursday, 3DS New Art Academy owners will be able to download a new lesson pack for £1.99. Download the pack to learn the secrets behind life drawing and painting like Turner.

I've got the strokes like Turner

I’ve got the strokes like Turner

In addition, 3DS will see the debut of the uber-hard, retro-classic Capcom platformer, Ghosts & Goblins. Armed with a javelin, Arthur may look as if he’s one mental knight about to go jousting, or pole-vaulting. In actuality, he’s on a quest to save a princess from devilspawn. No easy task, I assure you. Ghosts & Goblins will be available on Virtual Console for £4.49.

3DS owners will also get Touch Battle Tank 3D this Thursday. The aim? Destroy a horde of killer tanks. This one will also release for £4.49

On WiiWare, from the land of creepy, comes Vampire Crystals, a game where zombies and vampires actually live in harmony. All of this is about to change, however, and as leader of Vampire army, you must rise up and face…the..other undead army. This one will be available for 1000 Wii Points.

Unfortunately, yet another week goes by without Zen Pinball, or any Wii U release at all. Not the best of starts for the new console. Poor show, Nintendo.

(Source: Nintendo) 

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