Nioh: Bloodshed’s End DLC receives new screens

Ahead of its launch on September 26, Nioh’s final DLC – Bloodshed’s End – Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have released new screenshots.

There will be new characters in the game, as well as new Yokai and Guardian Spirits.

Bloodshed’s End is the final piece of Nioh DLC content as far as we’re aware and there is no word on whether we’ll see a Nioh 2 at a later point.

Bloodshed’s End is set after Defiant Horror, where The Siege of Osaka’s Winter campaign came to an abrupt end. Another war has broken out irrespective of the piece established, serving as the final phase of the Sengoku-era.will also add new locations, a tougher difficulty mode, and a new mode called The Abyss

There will be new sub and Twlight missions, a tougher difficulty mode, and a new mode called The Abyss, which sounds like it could be a wave-based, survival mode.

Bloodshed’s End will release September 26 for $9.99 on Playstation 4 or will come at no additional charge if you’ve purchased the Nioh Season Pass.

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