One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 – First Play

The popular One Piece anime is getting another video-game sequel in the form of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. Not only that, but it’s alos coming for the first time to Steam and the PlayStation 4.

As expected, this is another mental adaptation of the anime. It focuses on story events from when characters leave Fushia Village to what happens in latest episodes of Dresserosa. Hopefully that will mean something for those who are keen watchers of the anime.

It’s quite nice that the cut-scenes are presented in a style similar to comic book sections. This makes for an authentic experience given the nature of the anime and the fact it is pretty much a title that is aimed at fans.

It’s possible to pick from one of many characters and as expected, each of them has unique abilities. Each character can use a variety of powerful attacks that makes it feasible to defeat large groups of enemies in one go.

It’s truly remarkable to witness the destruction that some of the attacks unleash. What’s even better is that some attacks involve bringing in an additional character to unleash a devastating attack together. At one point the character was smacking about a group of enemies with his freakishly long arm. Fans will no doubt expect such memorable moments to happen on a regular basis.


In terms of visuals, this looks the part for an entry on the current generation or at least PlayStation4, where it’s being released. Even with hundreds of enemies on-screen, the mayhem never came to a slowdown. It was relentless non-stop action from the start to the very end as the last couple of seconds ran out on the timer.

Given that the developer is Dinasty Warriors Koei Tecmo Games, t’s not surprising that the main objective of these Battle Royale themed is to defeat as many enemies as possible. The game certainly stays true to this goal with wave after wave of enemies appearing on-screen eager for a beating.

The battle arena is huge and split up into sections. This makes it easier to plan out which section to attack first and so make better use of the limited amount of time provided to defeat the enemies.

Albeit it seems to be purely about fighting large groups of enemies in different areas, it could still prove interesting to fans of the anime. Failing all else at least it is a very colourful title with visuals effects that take advantage of the hardware it is on.

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