One Piece: Unlimited World Red gets new DLC

One Piece: Unlimited World Red, the adventure-em-up based on the popular One Piece manga series has today launched some exciting new DLC for PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

I know less than nothing about the game, but it comes with a lengthy trailer so let’s take a look:

Well that made it all much clearer… No details on price yet but let’s see what  you will get for your dollah shall we?

Robin Swimsuit Pack:
– An extra costume for Robin, a swimsuit with a loose summer top
– Plus one extra quest called “Sky Island Flash”

Quests For Bugs And Fish:
– Kings of Wildlife: quest for a chance to catch a wide variety of insects
– LegendaryBeetle: Straw-Hat & his crew look for a legendary bug, be their ally in this quest
– Lord of the Seas: Luffy & his friends look for the most majestic of all the seas’ beasts… Get your fishing rod going

Sounds interesting eh! Anyone looking to snap this up?


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