Override: Mech City Brawl DLC Maestro conducts mayhem on PSN Store

The second DLC pack for Override: Mech City Brawl introduces a new character to the fray – Maestro.

This musical genius is capable of all sorts of unique damage with a combination of notes that work up close or can attack from range.

Maestro will pause during combat to conduct and create music which replenishes his special meter.

From here, he summons red, yellow, and blue orbs, each one with different combat properties. The red orbs are projectiles which inflict damage, while the yellow orbs overheat enemies, and the blue orbs slow opponents’ moves.

In Override: Mech City, you control uniquely tailored robots and fight across massive cityscapes – like Tokyo and San Francisco – with the option to play party co-op or work through a singleplayer campaign.

Maestro’s appearance only adds to the chaos, with his tenacity and ferocity.

The Maestro DLC pack from Modus Games is now available and will set you back £3.29.

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