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Where else could you possibly hope to find the magic team of Master Splinter and Johnny 5 come together, overseeing a group of intrepid adventurers through dark and dingy caves, battling against the vilest villany this world has ever known? Knights of Pen & Paper +1 has its tongue firmly lodged in-cheek from the title screen and delivers hilarious twists and turns in its dialogue and gameplay from its earliest, interactive moments.

The game is tailor-made for on-the-go use and while it’s clear Knights of Pen & Paper has been adapted from mobile, its pick-up-and-play quality still works effectively through Steam and will undoubtedly suck players in time and again. That said, while the PC & Mac update is well put together, Knights of Pen & Paper would flourish on a format like Playstation Vita or even 3DS.

Still, with the ability to complete quests your own way, customise your characters as you see fit and make this your story and play at your own pace, this a personal and entertaining journey for everyone. Knights of Pen & Paper +1 can feel repetitive during long bouts of play, but as a dip in and out experience, it’s highly refreshing and engaging.

And at a budget price, you can’t afford not to roll the dice and take a chance on these would-be heroes.


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