Beatbuddy Music Special gets Track Announcements

Those of you that check back regularly will know that we’ve been getting pretty excited about Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians here at Expansive.  I recently got a chance to preview the game and got a taste of the kind of tracks that will show up in the full release.

Today THREAKS have finally announced the full track list that will span the games’ 6 levels.

  • Austin Wintory – “Stingin’ Swing”
  • Parov Stelar – “Beatbuddy Swing”
  • La Rochelle Band – “You’re the One”
  • Sabrepulse – “Love Swing”
  • Curtis Newton – “I’m Your Star”
  • Europa Deep – “Lost In Yesterday”

It’s an impressive mix of international music talent that has been brought together for the game and it has provided, as Parov Stelar suggests, a great opportunity for composers to become more involved in the games they work on.

I’ve never worked in the gaming industry before, so this was a good experience for me. I love the fact that the result didn’t end up just on a soundtrack – it’s more than just a song on a soundtrack! – Marcus Füreder aka Parov Stelar

Accompanying the announcement is a Beatbuddy Music Special of THREAKS News featuring insights from Austin Wintory on his experience working with the team.

When I first met the THREAKS and they told me about their adventure platformer Beatbuddy, I thought to myself, ‘this could be fun!’  When they also told me it’s a rhythm-based music game, and that they would have artists like Parov Stelar involved – at that point, I reached for my pen looking where to sign. – Austin Wintory

You can watch the full trailer below or catch up with previous announcements from THREAKS News here.

Be sure to check back soon when we’ll have our full overview of the game before its launch on Steam on 6th August.

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