Review: Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

By now, most of us are probably seasoned zombie killers. The past few years have seen an influx of zombie games and some might say the genre has become over-saturated. Regardless, Rebellion have decided to get involved and release a modified version of their game, Sniper Elite V2, entitled Nazi…



Gears Of War Judgement is just around the corner and after getting a taste of it with our preview, we also wanted to delve deeper into the whole process of development. Fortunately, we were able to chat to James Brown, Level Designer for Epic Games to get some answers. Please note, this interview was…

Expansive Opportunities

Expansive Opportunities: Remember Me

It’s surprising that the imminent release of a major Capcom title has not received a great deal of attention, especially when that games’ title is Remember Me. Fortunately, just months before release, Capcom have allowed me to delve deeper into this twisted futuristic world, and helped me to understand the…

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