Mafia 3 1.05 adds PS4 Pro Changes

A new Mafia 3 patch has added some much improved PS4 Pro changes.

This makes the PS4 Pro version a clear evolution over base PS4 models and lists some specific changes/fixes to that effect.

Here’s the full changelog.

PS4 Pro changes over the base PS4:

  • 1440p ( incl. downsampled to 1080p when you output at 1080p)
  • Improved spotlight shadow quality in dark scenes.
  • Improved motion blur.
  • Drops lower than the base PS4, but doesn’t tear. (v-sync)
  • Shooting causes the framerate to drop (shotgun shots can cause drops to 26fps for example). Holds 30fps most of the time.

PS4 changes:

  • Framepacing issues have been fixed.
  • Tears – adaptive v-sync.

There’s even a Digital Foundry video which shows the improvements in action, including the effect on shadows and the motion of car movement.

Mafia 1.05 is available to download right now.


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