Payday 2 Release Date Confirmed by Overkill

Ready your masks heisters the release date for Payday 2 has been officially announced.

Overkill’s Almir took to Steam with the following announcement.

After days of negotiations with Bain, we are happy to tell you that we’ve come to an agreement….The PAYDAY 2 release date for Steam has been confirmed! PAYDAY 2 will be out on Steam on August 13th. The other platforms will follow suit and be out between the 13th and the 16th.

Given Steam originally said the 16th and currently professes it to be the 27th this snippet from Overkill’s twitter feed should convince the sceptical among you.

We’re quite excited about Payday 2 here at Expansive and you should be too! Find out why by checking out our extensive preview of the beta!

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