Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies gets an October release date in the West

Finally! Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies for the 3DS has a release date of October 24th in North America and Europe. The game will be released in both regions as a downloadable title via the Nintendo eShop. The game is set to cost $29.99 in North America and EUR24.99 in Europe.

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies features the return of lead protagonist Phoenix Wright, along with appearances from Miles Edgeworth and Pearl Fey. Apollo Justice also returns as a playable character too.

Capcom have announced they have details to share soon regarding the “Turnabout Return” DLC chapter of the game, as well as character costume DLC.

Check out the screenshots below and get ready for a whole new adventure with everyone’s favourite attorney. If anything, they all look like they’ve aged well.

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