Pikmin 3 Bugs

Pikmin 3 bugs are almost non-existent. The game has shipped in an excellent state. During our playthrough, we didn’t encounter many bugs or technical glitches.

However, if you did then we need your help to compile a full, accurate list. Please detail any problems you’ve experienced in the comments (or via email – raywillmott@expansivedlc.com) and we will add them here.


One instance on a boss where the crew gets stuck between a boss attack and trying to pluck a Pikmin out of the ground. Animation delay for over five seconds.

Severity: Slight

Throwing crew members sometimes doesn’t work as it should. You can be at appropriate range but the crew member will still hit the rock face or side of a wall. Sometimes you need to be in a particular sweet spot in order for it to work. 

Severity: Slight

Let us know what problems (if any) you encountered during your playthrough

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