Plants vs Zombies 2 Far Future releases tomorrow

Plants vs Zombies 2 Far Future releases tomorrow

A major new update for Popcap’s Plants vs Zombies 2, entitled Far Future, will release tomorrow.

This update will add a brand new world map, as well as new plants and zombies.

PvZ 2 released to controversy last year when it was seen as a hub for microtransactions and live services, however a major update towards the tail-end of the year improved the service considerably.

This first expansion to the game will add several new plants, including Citron who is a mech’s worst enemy and is seen as a front-line plant. Laser Bean who pierces through shields and Star Fruits which will shoot out stars all over the board, attacking zombies on every row.

New Zombies include Zombies on jetpacks, zombies protected by a football helmet and a zombie that is stationed inside a walking traffic cone.

Far Future adds a dynamic new spin on the game which takes the combat between the plants and zombies far forward and sees their eternal struggle for dominance become more reliant on machines and technology.

The free update is due tomorrow. We’ll have a patch review for you as soon as we get some hands-on time.

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