Plants vs Zombies 2 loses in-app purchases in new patch

Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time has received a huge, game-changing update, that effectively kills most of the in-app purchases, making them less intrusive, but also adding improved social functionality.

Update 1.7261064 (what a mouthful!) changes the map, adds a new foe, puts in some more Party Levels, friend invites and more.

The big deal, however, is that most of the in-app purchases are gone and the Stars have been removed.

Here’s the full changelog…
• Big changes. We’ve upgraded the map to make game progression quicker and easier.

• It’s simpler to know how much you’ve done, where you’re going, and what loot you’ll get along the way.

• Play all-new Piñata Party levels to win cool prizes.

• You can invite your friends and send ‘em gifts.

• Use the Turbo button to speed up your planting – and speed up the zombies.

• Be warned: when we were upgrading the map, somebody let in the Gargantuars.

The Gargantuars are … welll … the gargantuous. Mahooosive. Enormous. Big and they’ll take a few hits to bring down.

Either way, now is the best time to check out the game. Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time is now available on iOS and Android and, despite the horrendous micro-transactions, is a lot of fun!


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