Infinity Blade III Ausar Rising coming December 19

The biggest ever Infinity Blade update will release on December 19th. Exclusive to iOS, Infinity Blade 3 will receive a major content patch.

The update will feature 60 new items, eight enemies and eight new skills. There will also be new locations, including the Plains of Koroth, The Dark Citadel (returning from Infinity Blade 1) and Drem’s Maw.

There are also two new modes: The Survival Arena, which offers endless waves of enemies. The game is tiered, and allows you to make wagers for bigger rewards.

There are also Deathless Quests for ‘the best of the best’, pitting you against the ultimate enemies for the ultimate challenge.

The update will be available for free for those who own Infinity Blade III on December 19th and really brings together players of the game, as well as readers of the fiction.

Check out this video for some sneaky clips of the new content.

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