Playstation All-Stars receives no more DLC but will get a large patch

There’s good news and bad news for Playstation All Stars fans.

The bad news? There will be no more DLC characters or environments released. Everything you see in the game represents the full roster. Time to put that speculation to bed. Despite additional materials being released from the game’s development phase, these are not far enough along in production and there are legal reasons for them being held back.

To quote Sony Santa Monica…

There will not be any new DLC characters or environments released for PS All Stars. We were proud to work with SuperBot Entertainment and they created a great game, but the characters that have already been released to-date represent the full content for PS All Stars.

However, there will be a series of costumes released for the game, as well as a large balance patch.

The patch is still in the early stages and probably won’t be finished until later in the fall at the earliest. However, it will re-evaluate all character strengths, weaknesses and functionality and adjust their consideration for the patch. It takes feedback from the forums in great detail.

A third set of costumes for Dante, Raiden, Heihachi and Big Daddy, previously only available as a pre-order incentive in the US, will also release fore free to everyone on August 27th! On top of that, costumes for Zeus and Isaac will also release for free, though these will likely release around the same time as the balance patch. These are also expected to be free.

Finally, the team are looking heavily into title belts not correctly being appropriated to some people based on their performance. As of today, all overall leaderboards are being reset and this will happen on a monthly basis with the return of monthly season. A set of Community Activities will also be introduced on the All-Star forums, designed to recognize top monthly competitors.

The game still has a lot left to give, it seems. We’ll keep you updated on its progress

(Source: Sony Santa Monica)

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