Pokémon Go is having a Magikarp Community Day on August 8th, Mega Evolutions Incoming?

Having a Magikarp Community Day at this stage of the game’s lifecycle is a choice, but there may be more to it.

The comments section to the announcement alone show people posting pictures of their 14 Shiny Karps, wondering what’s going on.

But yes, come August 8th, there will be lots of the orange fishy in the wild and therefore a much higher chance of getting that glorious golden Shiny if you haven’t got one already.

Of course, there will be an Exclusive move for Gyarados only in Aqua Tail and there is 3x Catch Stardust, which is much needed after the PVP burn.

But we reckon there’s something Niantic isn’t telling us. Because they’ve been hyping up a new Mega Evolution mechanic coming to PoGo in the coming weeks and this Community Day seems like a good place to drop it.

Existing Pokémon in your dex are eligible and can be Mega Evolved, but this would be a great way to introduce it as trainers are already used to evolving en-masse during these comm days.

With GOFest now behind them, talk of Gen 6, the new Level 50 cap and Mega Evolution is all Niantic are going to hear about.

Don’t be surprised if we see the first of these new features sooner than you expected.

The appetite is clearly there as the game just had its highest daily spending since the app launched in July 2016 at $8.9 million dollars, with $17.5 million earned over the weekend.

Thanks to GO Fest, players have also unlocked three weeks of events beginning this Friday with a Dragon Week that introduces Shiny Deino to the game, along with Bagon, Gible, and Rayquaza back in raids.


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