Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to receive Boss Rush and Form Changes in Free Update

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice will be getting an all new update this October and it’s going to be free.

Called the Additional Features Update, players will be able to try out the Reflection of Strength / Gauntlet of Strength Rematch mode.

This lets you tackle defeated bosses in single or consecutive battles as many times as you want.

You can also change the form of the Wolf with three different outfits – these will be unlocked by fulfilling in-game conditions.

Finally, a Remnants mode which will record your actions and send them to other players. These will be thirty second clips and they can even be included with a message to help trade strategies.

The update is expected on October 29th, which is very interesting timing considering next-gen consoles are rumoured to release just a few weeks later.

Could this update also be tied into a PS5 / XSX patch? That would certainly be very welcome!

Expect more news soon.

(Source: Sekiro)

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