Pokémon Scarlet / Violet The Teal Mask DLC launches tomorrow

The first of two DLC packs for Pokémon Scarlet/Violet launches on Nintendo Switch from tomorrow.

The Teal Mask is the first part of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Season Pass and takes players to the new region of Kitakami, taking players further than the Paldea Region.

Players will find themselves part of an annual school trip, accompanied by various students from other schools, which takes them to a place filled with huge mountains and tranquility.

The village is full of festivities and activity and will have unique market stalls and lots of optional activities for players to take on.

As part of your time in Kitakami, you’ll get the opportunity to wear a traditional jinbei outfit, as well as learn more about the legends and mystery of your new unique location.

This mystery is built around the three unique Pokémon of the region, Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti, who players will get to meet. Alongside the new Legendary Pokémon, Ogerpon.

The Teal Mask will then be followed by The Indigo Disk, launching Winter 2023.

Both pieces of content are shaping up to be very interesting indeed. We’ll have full impressions later this week once we’ve had a chance to play.

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