Prey details revealed from Game Informer

An absolute ton of info from the Arkane Studios’ reboot of Prey has been divulged from Game Informer.

Described as System Shock meets Super Metroid, players will scan enemies to find weaknesses and have a full inventory grid available to them.


Players will explore Talos l in this reboot – which is completely free reign to explore – and all part of one large mission.

There are side quests to pick up, however, and areas accessible from the start. Though you should proably level up a bit first before you attempt to go there. You’ll also find closed off areas which need to be accessed by a code, voice, or restoration of power.

Prey will enable you to play as either male or female with various customisable options and it’s very much like previous Arkane games with its RPG qualities.

The immersion will also be familiar to those who enjoy Arkane Games, though Prey goes a step further with third-degree burns and concussions. Players will also be penalised for any trauma they suffer unless they’re tended to.

Much like Dishonored, the character will acquire powers, but these have alien-like properties, such as a telepathic ability or a Mimic where you disguise yourself as part of the environment.

It’s all sounding pretty amazing, actually, and we’re looking forward to getting more details in the coming weeks.


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