Project Canis Majoris is a full blown remake of The Witcher in Unreal Engine 5

In an exciting piece of news today, CD Projekt RED lifted the lid on one of their internal projects.

In recent weeks, they confirmed there’s a new Cyberpunk 2077 game in development, as well as a whole new series of Witcher games coming over a short space of time.

One of their secret projects was labelled – Canis Majoris – and today we’ve found out exactly what that is – A full blown remake of the original Witcher game.

It’s being rebuilt from the ground up on Unreal Engine 5 and was announced to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the gaming series. This will be a modern reimagining of the game and is being worked on in collaboration with Fool’s Theory.

The game is in the early stages of development but we’re undoubtedly be hearing a ton more about it in the weeks and months ahead. Blockbuster news, for sure!

No platforms or release timeline have been confirmed as yet.

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