PS3 games appearing on PS4 store

Now this makes things interesting..

Several keen-eyed PS4 owners were surfing through the PSN store one day, when, to their surprise, they noticed a number of PS3 games sat there. The games weren’t available to purchase, but were populated with key information, such as images, trailers and ratings. They were clearly meant to be a part of the Playstation 4 store, but appear to have been released early, and surely ahead of a potential E3 reveal.


Games such as Dead Island Riptide, Payday 2, GTA V and more were just sat there, glaring back at the player. But the interesting thing was, according to GAF and Reddit, they were marked as full, free games for PS3. Others also commented that the games were listed as part of the Playstation Now closed beta program.

Could these games be some of the first expected to appear on the service?

The Last of Us is expected for PS4 next month, Diablo 3 will appear on Playstation 4 in August and the rumor is GTA V will come to PS4 later this year, so some of these games are due a HD upgrade and full PS4 release anyway, but these listings suggest that the titles will be coming to the Playstation Now service as well.

Playstation Now will grant users the ability to access Playstation games from years past. The games are expected to be playable on Vita, PS4, Tablets and Bravia TV sets. Many games are being tested for the service, but the confirmed list has yet to be fully revealed.

 More as we get it..
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