The Raven: Legacy of a Masterthief – A Murder of Ravens Review

NB: Whilst we have tried to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, please make sure you have played the previous chapters before reading this review.

Following on from where The Raven: Legacy of a Masterthief: Ancestry of Lies left off, Nordic Games’ final chapter A Murder of Ravens manages to tie loose ends up by finally uncovering the mystery and revealing the secrets everyone’s been dying to find out. Just who is The Raven? What role do the passengers on board the luxurious cruise ship play amongst the biggest heist of all time? Just how will the legacy of The Raven come to its end?

2013-09-22_00004In this third and final chapter, you take on the role of Adil’s fiancé Alex, and we learn about the events that occurred before and after the murder of the Baroness, as well as discover the identity of the culprit, all at the same time as having a history lesson about the heritage animals of a variety of cities. There isn’t really anything that sets this chapter apart from its predecessors other than the gripping finale and the opportunity to see events unfold by switching from one perspective to another, but it most definitely manages to deliver when you look at the game as a complete entity.

During this chapter, you also discover what really happened at the museum in Cairo, and just who is the mastermind behind all of this. Taking on the role of Adil once more, he leads us into the finale’s exciting climax as paths start to cross-over and the truth behind the heist begins to unravel…

2013-09-22_00012As intriguing as this all sounds though, I still feel The Raven would have benefited having been released as the complete game rather than in instalments. Playing through the whole game will set you back a good twenty hours or so overall, but dividing the three chapters into three separate parts gave the impression that both of the previous chapters were rushed into completion in order to meet their set release dates. Luckily, this is mostly a moot point now as anyone buying the game after the third chapter is released will immediately get the other chapters at no extra cost, which leads me to believe that perhaps the game was not developed to be released as separate chapters in the first place.

As a whole, The Raven is an exceptionally captivating point-and-click adventure, combining an engaging story and an assortment of entertaining puzzles which in turn amounts to an enjoyable and rewarding experience as an outcome. Overall, if you’re planning on buying The Raven, now is definitely the time to do so, as you will benefit from a game that is charming, clever and a delight to play, complimented by a great narrative told from three diverse character perspectives.

The Raven: Legacy of a Masterthief is a worthwhile purchase that will not disappoint.


  • A captivating storyline told from three different perspectives
  • Outstanding voice-work
  • A fantastic orchestral soundtrack
  • An array of interesting and unique characters
  • Crisp, clean graphics and beautifully detailed art


  • Puzzles are few and far between in the last half of the game
  • Slight animation shortfalls

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5

For those who missed this fantastic interactive graphic novel set in the same world four years prior to The Raven: Legacy of a Masterthief, you can learn how the young French Investigator Nicolas Legrand singlehandedly prevents the masterthief from pulling off a coup, followed by a pursuit across the rooftops of Paris in 1960.

Available to play online or download the mobile version for iOS and Android.

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