Re Mind DLC brings new bosses and forms to Kingdom Hearts III this Winter

Square Enix have revealed the long-awaited Re Mind DLC for Kingdom Hearts III is coming this Winter.

Revealed at the Tokyo Games Show, we finally got our first look at the new content through an exciting new trailer.

The new content is considered an all new episode that features new obstacles and bosses.

There will be new story scenes added that delve into Sora’s battles with Organization XIII.

Exploring a familiar realm, you’ll be able to switch between characters and gain new Keyblades through a free update.

The trailer shows Sora deflect an attack using a chained bubble and also firing off a quick shot with his keyblade in a timed event.

Frankly, it looks ace. And seriously, who ever thought you’d have a year that begins and ends with Kingdom Hearts? 2019 is awesome.

More news as we get it.


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