Re.Mind to be first and only DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3, new patch available and projects upcoming

The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter has confirmed Re.Mind will be the only DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Thanks to Goldpanner for the translation, Game Director, Tetsuya Nomura, has revealed that Re Mind ‘is to be the first and only DLC’ for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Interestingly, however, Nomura has fuelled speculation that there is plenty more Kingdom Hearts to come revealing in the very next sentence ‘We are already on working on the next title’ and that ‘the title screen of Re Mind serves as a piece of foundation for it’

Nomura also revealed that the Kingdom Hearts UX team will have ‘a surprising announcement tomorrow’ and that aside from the Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts UX team, there are now ‘two new teams in operation’ and from them ‘one title will be coming surprisingly soon’ There’s been heavy speculation a ‘Story So Far’ pack is coming to Nintendo Switch.

He also made another interesting comment about a potential Final Mix edition of Kingdom Hearts 3, only saying ‘There are no concrete plans right now’ but ‘we might think about something when a new console releases’

The interview is really interesting, diving into what players can expect from Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mix, but also some of the things left on the cutting room floor, like an entire new world.

We now know that Final Fantasy characters will be appearing in Re Mix and the amount of content included adds to the story during the final battle, as well as offers limit cut bosses, and additional secrets.

It’s also worth noting that Patch 1.07 is now live and makes some distinct changes to the base game. Here’s the changelog.

-You can turn in the Key Item ‘Proof of Promises’ at the Moogle Shop to obtain the Keyblade ‘Oathkeeper.’

You can turn in the Key Item ‘Proof of Times Past’ at the Moogle Shop to obtain the Keyblade ‘Oblivion.’

-New forms have been added

-New abilities have been added

-Various menus have been updated

-Some cutscenes have been modified

-Various issues have been fixed

(Source: Kingdom Hearts)
(Via: Goldpanner, ResetEra)

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