Red Dead Online brings back John Marston’s Evans Repeater Rifle and adds Fool’s Gold Free Roam

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is in full swing now as Rockstar have rolled out some new updates in-game today.

You can now pay homage to the original cowboy – John Marston – with his vintage Evans Repeater, a long-range rifle that packs a bit of a punch.

Effective from medium and long distances, this also has a high ammunition count and some neat customization options for sights and stocks.

The big update, though, is Fool’s Gold, a new Free Roam Event added to the rotation. It’s all in good fun too, as you strife to fight others in a bid to wear the Golden Armor.

It’s all about collecting points while stopping others from wearing it, or even killing those who are actually wearing the armor. The mode joins the likes of Cold Dead Hands, Dispatch Ride, and Master Archer.

There’s also a new Care Package added in which gives you the following benefits.

  • 60x High Velocity Pistol Ammo
  • 60x High Velocity Repeater Ammo
  • 2x Fire Bottles
  • 8x Fire Arrows
  • 2x Jolly Jack’s
  • 2x Potent Horse Medicine
  • 1x Lake Lure

Playing Red Dead Online in Beta? What do you think so far?

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