Resident Evil 2 DLC The Ghost Survivors coming post-launch

It has just been confirmed on Capcom’s livestream Launch Event for Resident Evil 2 that the game will receive some post-launch DLC entitled The Ghost Survivors.

This will be a free content update for those who own the game and it adds an all-new game mode which lets you play as multiple characters – including Robert Kendo and Katherine – with randomised elements. More characters will be revealed over time.

Previous datamining rumours suggest that this will be a ‘Rogue Mode’ which is essentially like the franchises’ previous ‘Raid Mode’.

The Ghost Survivors will also add an in-game shop, though there will be no microtransactions as you earn the currency as you play.

Finally, a brand new enemy, not currently in the RE2 remake, will debut in The Ghost Survivors.

The Ghost Survivors is said to be split into three parts, with releases staggered throughout the year.

What’s more, Resident Evil 98 Classic Costumes have also been announced as part of a Japanese promotion beginning January 25th. These costumes will later be made available to everyone, for free, on March 22.

More information as we get it.

(Via ResetERA)

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