Resident Evil 2 DLC The Ghost Survivors releases February 15

The major DLC for Resident Evil 2 entitled The Ghost Survivors will release on February 15th, adding three narrative missions to the game.

Entitled The Ghost Survivors, the DLC lets you play as three characters in ‘what if’ stories of those who did not survive Raccoon City during the events of the game.

The DLC will arrive as free updates beginning February 15th, and put you in the guise of the gunshop owner, Robert Kendo, the Mayor’s Daughter, and a soldier.

The episodes will be entitled ‘No Time to Mourn’ ‘Runaway’ and ‘Forgotten Soldier’ respectively.

Resident Evil 2 is already pretty heavy with content, encouraging multiple playthroughs and grading your performances, so the addition of even more content definitely motivates us to keep jumping back in for more.

In case you missed it, we said that Resident Evil 2 is the new standard by which all future remakes will be judged. It’s absolutely incredible and it needs to be in your gaming library.

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