Review: Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Citadel is the final piece of content for Bioware’s epic Mass Effect trilogy. There have been ups and downs with the series, high points and low, but there’s no doubt that this content has been long awaited by all who first took this journey with Commander Shepard back in 2007.

Publisher: EA
Developer: Bioware
Format: PC/Playstation 3/Xbox 360
Price: 1200 MSP, £11.99
Release: Out Now

Unlike previous Mass Effect content, this DLC isn’t about being a hero or defeating the Reapers, it’s a chance for players to say goodbye and for Bioware to thank the fans for their long-term support. Along the way there will be plenty of laughs and tears, but those moments are put together with action, adventure, deep and detailed lore and some of the finest Mass Effect moments the series has ever seen.

Shepard is sent on well-deserved shore leave by Anderson and given a new apartment on the Citadel. This is where the player will be spending large portions of the story and acts as the main hub for players in Citadel. However, it isn’t long before Shepard’s break-time is disturbed by mercenaries’ intent on killing the Commander for reasons unknown.

However, the Commander soon realises safety barriers have been breached, and those who served with the former Spectre may also be in danger.


Past and present squad members are on hand to help Shepard and even Wrex makes a return as an available squad member. Our favourite Krogan will be the source of plenty of laughs and is one of the many showcases of the DLC’s incredibly strong writing. The dialogue is as rich as we’ve ever seen in a Mass Effect game and remains a reoccuring highlight throughout the story and side missions. It’s abundantly clear that Bioware wanted each moment spent with the characters to be memorable and worthwhile, and they’ve definitely achieved that here.

One major part of the story sees players venturing into the Citadel’s archives. It’s here that Easter Eggs can be uncovered and intricate lore about the Mass Effect universe is made available for ‘light reading’. It’s subtle details like this sure to make series afficiandos very happy.

Shepard’s main cannon fodder, the mercenaries, are almost Cereburus-like in a different set of armour and don’t bring anything new to the combat. That said, players’ will be rewarded with one of the series’ best boss fights to date, capped off with a heart-warming end to this portion of the DLC’s story.



Once the dust has settled and Shepard is no longer being hunted down, it’s finally time to relax. This part of the DLC will be one of the main reasons people purchase Citadel as it allows for time to be spent with characters, new and old. An entirely new section of the Citadel is opened up which is reminicsant of a mini Las Vegas. In it, there are plenty of mini-games, involving gambling, as well as a massive combat arena to test out skills.

In the new area, squad members will also arrange to meet up with Shepard, allowing for one on one time before the heading into the inevitable.

There is also an option to invite certain characters up to Shepard’s apartment to have a chat and maybe even share in some romance. Extra scenes have been provided with the DLC to accomodate either scenario.

Later on, there is also a party mission where all surviving crew members are invited over for one last dance. A range of dialogue is available, depending on who has been invited to the party, and it really makes for an interesting and fun segment of the DLC.

And without going into detail, before players are returned to the Normandy, there will be one final cutscene which might just bring a tear to the eye.


Citadel is a true testament to the Mass Effect series. It gives players a chance to celebrate and say farewell to this vast, epic universe and all the characters that have helped define it.

Whether you are among the most loyal of Mass Effect fans, or consider yourself more casual, this DLC will be worth your while. Bioware have absolutely outdone themselves with Citadel, the passion they have for the series is completely reflected in this content, and, at last, they have given Mass Effect the swan song it truly deserves.

The greatest compliment I can pay is that it’ll make players want to do it all over again from the very beginning. Letting these memories go won’t be as easy as you might think.

“It’s been a hell of a ride, hasn’t it?”

“The best.”


  • Returning characters come back to converse
  • One of the best boss battles in the series
  • A fitting, final tribute to the trilogy
  • New area of Citadel opened up with new games
  • Lore expanded even further


  • Mercenaries are basically Cerberus clones in new armor.
  • Not much enemy diversity.


Rating: 5/5

 Bioware have truly outdone themselves. Citadel is the closure Mass Effect fans have waited a long time for and it’s a masterpiece.

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