Riverbond will launch with new DLC on Switch later this year

Riverbond, a four player co-op dungeon crawler, is set to receive a new world through DLC.

Debuting when the game launches on Switch later this year, the new world will also come to other formats as DLC.

As its developer describes, Riverbond is like ‘a homage to the 16 bit era and some of the best co-op memories we’ve ever made’

The game features indie crossover charaters, like Raz from Psychonauts and and Juan from Guacamelee!

In Riverbond, you fight evil forces using melee and ranged weapons in a series of epic boss battles and mob fights, while collecting all sorts of neat treasure.

Riverbond is coming to Switch later this year and is out now on all other formats.

(Via Germatsu)