Rocket League Hot Wheels DLC now available

Rocket League has begun it’s ninth season with a bang, including the release of the Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC.

Priced at $5.99, the DLC includes three new cars, the Gazella GT, MR11, and Fast FWD.

These all come complete with four unique decals, including Gorilla, Snake, and Spider toppers.


On top of that comes the Hot Wheels Rival Arena, which is free and comes with loop the loops, blue and orange flames, and Hot Wheels 50th anniversary customised items. This is available from September 24th.

Then next month comes the physical Hot Wheels Rocket League 5-Pack, including the Gazella GT, MR11, Fast 4WD, Bone Shake, and Twin Mill III battle-cars.

Stick with us for all your Rocket League related news, as well as all other DLC updates as we get them.

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