Life is Strange 2 Trophies and Achievements released

Life is Strange 2 is just a few short days away and anticipation is really starting to build as the game’s trophies have now appeared online.

Thanks to some super sleuthing by PSN Profiles we can now see that Life is Strange 2 Episode One has six optional collectibles to find, as well as the option to draw at least once during the episode.

Much like the original Life is Strange, this appears to be a recurrent theme throughout the entire season, with each episode offering 6 optional collectibles. You also earn a platinum for completing all episodes and collecting everything.


Life is Strange offers 30 bronze, 15 silver, 1 gold, and 1 platinum trophy for a total of 47 worth 1,170 Points. There are no hidden trophies.

Each trophy has a mini description and title, so you can start playing some guessing games as to what things mean, but we’re going to avoid spoilers and go in fresh once the game launches on September 27th!

(Source PSN Profiles)


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