Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3: Gods Revel, Lands Tremble now available

The next major update in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is now available with Gods Revel, Lands Tremble.

New Main Story Quests have been added, as well as an 8-Player Trial in Normal and Extreme Difficulties. There’s also a 24 player raid, dungeon and even a new ultimate raid coming in 6.31.

The new quests see the Warrior of Light meet Zero as the search for Azdaja continues.

The new Alliance Raid is the second part of Myths of the Realm – Euphrosyne – which sees you venture toward a heavenly abode in the phantom realm.

Lapis Manalis is also a new dungeon which sees you travel to an abandoned village in the mountains of Garlemald, and the 8 player Trial sees you fight a powerful new foe.

The Omega Protocol is the new Ultimate Raid coming in Patch 6.31 as you ‘follow an experiment to its ultimate conclusion’.

Further Duty Support Updates have been made for Heavensward main dungeons, meaning these can now be played with NPC companions.

There are also Side Story Quests featuring Tataru and an Island Sanctuary Update.

We also now have some insight on what’s to come from 6.35 and onward, with New Tribal Quests centered around Loporrits, a new Deep Dungeon – Eureka Orthose and further adventures in Hildibrand.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is out now.

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