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Format – PC

I haven’t played, nor was I aware of, either Sacred 1 or Sacred 2. You could – rightfully – say I’m at a disadvantage picking up the story on Part 3, but never deterred, I blunder on in and take up the challenge of – hopefully – being able to pick up the pieces as the story progresses.

Once in, you’re greeted with a lengthy opening scene, but are kept from skipping this due to the quips and sly jokes added, which hope to keep your mind on the story and make sure you are actually paying attention and are not just here for the killing, though we know you really are.  I picked the “Archer” chap – as usual – and took to the game. Within minutes of playing the opening level. I see elements of Diablo and Gauntlet  – look it up, kids – and I’m well away, slaughtering and looting; I’m loving it.

Add to this the noise of arrows swishing, shields thunking, a mortar from a nearby building roaring as it tumbles past and I have to admit, i’m finding all of this very impressive.


sacred 3 2


Of course, it’s not all killing. There are simple puzzles and quests to complete along the way, and you’re aided by Allies who shout out clues throughout the game. But you’ll also be goaded by enemies. too, the antagonizing lot!

Added to this, skills and tactics are needed to down even some basic mobs, making fights not just basic hack’n’slash affairs. You really do have to think while painting the floor red with the blood of the fools that cross you.

I mowed through levels one and two with relative ease. This made me believe I was some sort of deity, so I was taken aback when, within minutes of Level 3, I died!  Believing I wasn’t concentrating, I went back in and again died at the same spot. It’s here I noticed I had to start and change the way I played, as everything seemed that bit more ferocious and smarter and it really was harder.

I had to start using health potions and buying them too!  The learning curve had climbed pretty damned steeply!  It was here I also discovered I could train mobs to a point and they would turn and slowly walk away and not attack, instead securing me an easy kill.  You could say I was cheating here as I discovered an exploit. Perhaps you’re right, but I think this mechanic could do with a fix before anybody else comes along and abuses it.

Would I buy it? As a solo campaign, I’d err on the yes to be brutally honest, but be cautious. It does look and sound great, granted, but I feel the levels are too long to play on your own.  What this game truly craves is teaming up with someone else and I would certainly buy this if I had friends sat behind me, all willing to play it at the same time.  Smashing the seven hells out of this place together would be a sheer joy and if you’re ready to kill, crush and destroy with your male and female friends, then hover over that purchase button no longer.

Here’s a video as I play through the first level of Sacred 3. You’ll see a few boss fights, mob fights and an in-game quest you pick up on the way through.


The Good Stuff

  • Looks rather great
  • Humour is scattered right through
  • Easy to pick up for a new user
  • With friends, you could lose days in here.

The Bad Stuff

  • The initial setting up of the game wasn’t the most welcoming
  • Training mobs, then as they turn away they can secure you an easy kill
  • Sometimes on maps you’re unsure which path is correct and spend your potions battling it out for a chest, rather than map progression


Final Analysis

This is a team game and if you have a team, you’re laughing.  It looks and sounds brilliant and the developers have realised that a sense of humour is key to keeping people interested in a story and stop them skipping hours of a carefully written yarn.  Just remember, if you have a nightmare getting the game to play at the beginning, try launching it from Steam first.

Technical Competency – 7/10

Graphic Quality – 9/10

Entertainment Value – 9/10

Sound Quality – 8/10

Network Stability – 9

Overall – 9/10



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