Saint’s Row IV Commander In Chief Edition detailed

Deep Silver announced today that the Commander In Chief Edition of their forthcoming title Saint’s Row IV will be available as a Pre-order and a First Edition in Europe.

The special edition comes fully loaded with a limited edition ‘Uncle Sam’ uniform decked out in the colours of the American flag, and a Screaming Eagle that fires rockets out of its talons and can invoke the “Sonic Scream”, leaving enemies dazed and confused and likely “scarred for life.” Additionally, a stimulus package, ‘Merica Gun’, is also thrown in to the mix, full of incredibly astonishing fire-power such as mini-guns, flame-throwers, machine guns and rocket launchers.

The over-the-top sequel in the franchise, developed by Volition, continues the story of the Third Street Saints, with you, as President of the United States, and your faithful cronies, having to save the world from an alien invasion.

Saint’s Row IV is due to be released on 20th August in North America and 23rd August in the EU on all current generation consoles and PC.

Source: Press Release