Saints Row IV moddable through Steam Workshop

While Volition are clearly hard at work on something new -probably another Saints Row game – they’ve done something truly amazing for their PC userbase.

Potentially a hint at what’s to come in future games, Saints Row IV has now gained Steam Workshop support so that the game can be tweaked in a ridiculous amount of ways.

It hasn’t been an easy task, mostly because Saints Row IV was never designed to be customised or tweaked, but now it’s been designed so that it’s never been easier to install and create mods to add new weapons, clothing, and much more.

Volition worked intently with the modding community in their free time to adapt the games’ code, update the engine, and remove memory restrictions. This has now coincided with a 75% reduction of the game to just £2.74. Practically unmissable at that price.

Just head over to the Saints Row IV Community Hub in the Steam Client, click the Workshop tab and start browsing!

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