SEGA to celebrate 60th Anniversary with the release of the Game Gear Micro

This was unexpected, but it appears SEGA’s major reveal was, in fact, a Game Gear Micro.

There’s certainly been a trend in recent of years of recreating classic consoles with a set amount of games and making them small and compact.

This is taking things to another – much smaller – level.

More details are expected later tomorrow but the initial scoop comes from Famitsu.

They had been teasing a major scoop in the last week and this appears to be it.

Not much else is known other than the fact that it has color LCD and is incredibly small, but it seems likely to be a similar vein to a Mega Drive Mini.

There is an interesting quote in the Famitsu article, however, that suggests more might be on the way. It says.

CEO Satomi suddenly announced “Game Gear Micro” while touching on “the possibility of new SEGA hardware” and “SEGA contents in the future” along with Sega’s past.


Sadly, this probably won’t suit my fingers – let alone my eyesight – but as soon as we know more, we’ll let you know!

(Source: Famitsu)

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