SMITE welcomes Chang’e: Faerie of the Moon

SMITE has once again expanded its god roster with a new addition, Chang’e: Faerie of the Moon.

This mage character has rather unique dance-themed abilities and will sway to the rhythm of the night.

Her Moonflower Dance sees Chang’e twirl on a flower-scattered battlefield, healing herself and her nearby allies.

Meanwhile, her ultimate is a Waxing moon dance which deals damage and stuns enemies.

On top of that, the Faerie of the Moon benefits from a Jade rabbit companion who travels back to the shop to purchase or sell items from anywhere on the map.

Meanwhile, the game has received a new patch which offers a golden skin for Vulcan, a Chang’e Bright Moon skin, as well as brand new voice packs!

The Faerie of the Moon also benefits from her Jade rabbit companion, which will travel back to the shop to purchase or sell an item from anywhere on the map.

See the brand new god in action here…

You can read the full update notes here.

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