Sonic Mania 1.03 has dropped and fixed some key issues

Sonic Mania 1.03, a long-awaited patch for Switch owners, is finally available to download.

The main fix is the home button delay which affected Switch owners, but there’s also some other key adjustments, like fixing leaderboards on PS4 and a recording glitch on PS4 where the SEGA logo stayed on the screen.

We’ve listed the full patch notes from the SonicTheHedgehog Reddit below. Interestingly, though, some people are still reporting the Dunkey Easter Egg in the Switch version of the game. Apparently, if you use the Sonic 3 and Knuckles stage select code when playing Hydrocity, you hear a voice sample from known Youtuber VideoGameDunkey.

Check it out and the full patch notes below.


  • There is now a separate command for turning into Super Sonic. Triangle for PS4, Y for Xbox, and X for Switch Example
  • Leaderboards no longer crash the game on PS4…yes that was a thing
  • Using the Bubble Shield bounce as the second act of a zone started no longer crashes the game…yes that was a thing too
  • The game no longer saves your score after finishing a game file. Starting on any level from a finished game file resets the score to 0
  • When recording on PS4, a Sega copyright logo would be plastered onto the bottom right hand corner of the screen Example It’s now been removed Example
  • Some general bug fixes such as glitching into Knuckles’ section in Green Hill with Sonic
  • The Dunkey easter egg was removed
  • Switch home delay has been fixed
  • Press Garden Act 2 had a path with a row of 4 ice cubes that you couldn’t get past without the fire shield. If you had Super Sonic without Tails, you were locked in there till the Super form wore off Example That row of ice cubes has been cut down to two to compensate for that situation should it occur Example
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