Space Hulk Space Wolves DLC now available

Based on the successful Warhammer 40,000 universe, Space Hulk from Full Control has just received a large expansion today on PC, Mac and iOS.

The Space Wolves expansion adds the ‘Fangs of Fenris’ campaign with three new missions and 11 unique Space Wolf terminators, all of which can be used in any Space Hulk mission. There are also new weapons, such as the Frost Axe and the Wolf Claw. There’s a Rune Priest with Murderous Lightning and Hurricane and finally new chapter specific rules adding a new level to game play.

In Space Wolves, the Wolf Guard’s boarding torpedos attack the side of the Messenger of Woe. As a result, Terminators stormed out, enabling them to launch further attacks. Many Genestealers fell to the Space Wolves, but a small force of aliens managed to slip away before they could be eradicated. Now it is the job of the Space Wolves to track them down and put to rest their final resistance.

Here’s the full list of features for the content…

– 3 mission campaign, Fangs of Fenris
– 11 unique Wolf Guard terminators
– New weapons and new rules
– New frost themed environments
– All campaigns playable with all chapters
– Rune Priest with new abilities

You can download Space Wolves for £4.99 and it can be bought on Steam or the AppStore

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