Splinter Cell Blacklist enters the Upper Echelon of Collector’s Editions

The next installment in the Splinter Cell franchise will sneak its way onto systems later this year. Yet it’s still managed to arrive with an attention-seeking Collector’s Edition, complete with in-game DLC.

Mixed with physical and digital extras, the Blacklist Collector’s Edition seems quite a catch.


Can’t read all of that? Here’s what buyers will receive in their little wonder-box

  • An 88-page Splinter Cell graphic novel  ’Echoes’
  • A poster of the game
  • The ‘Billionaire’s Yacht’ co-op map
  • The ‘Upper Echelon’ DLC Pack which includes both the ‘Dead Coast’ co-op and ‘Gold Sonar Goggles’  with the ‘Upper Echelon Suit’/
  • The Paladin airplane remote control replica

Not only will there be two co-op maps (Billionaire’s Yacht and Dead Coast) but there’ll also be Gold Sonar Goggles and an Upper Echelon Suit.

Pretty impressive.

Blacklist releases August 20th for current-gen systems. Will you be picking up this edition of the game?

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