Sleeping Dogs becomes a Movie Master

The sleeper hit of 2012, Sleeping Dogs (see what I did there?) continues to see additional support as we get knee-deep into 2013.

This week will see a new costume pack that focuses on movie masters.

The Movie Masters pack will be available to download on January 29th for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and will feature three costume packs for use in the game.

However, each costume will bestow unique attributes upon Wei Shen.

The Lone Vigilante

The Lone Vigilante

The Lone Vigilante will give Wei superior reflexes, enabling him to counter his enemies better than ever before.

The Unknown Warrior

The Unknown Warrior

The Unknown Warrior allows Wei to earn face XP by an extra 40%.

Bronze Shaolin Warrior

Bronze Shaolin Warrior

Finally, the glamorously brutal Bronze Shaolin Warrior reduces any melee damage Wei takes by a whopping 60%

The Movie Masters Pack will go for 160MSP ($1.99)

Not got Sleeping Dogs? Buy it on Xbox 360Playstation 3, or PC today.

(Source: Postitgamer)

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