Street Fighter V Capcom Costumes Bundle celebrates classic franchises in new DLC

A major new DLC has just landed for Street Fighter V which adds character costumes for classic Capcom franchises.

For £15.99, you can kit out your fighters with costumes reminiscent of Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Ghosts n Goblins, and Darkstalkers.

It’s a pretty awesome selection and it even throws in some Background Music that will remind you of these awesome games.

For Monster Hunter fans, you’ll get a Rathalos Armor Costume for Ken, a Zinogre X Armor Costume for R.Mika and a Kirin Armor Costume for Ibuki.

Additionally, the familiar tones of the Proof of a Hero composition can also be played on each stage.

The bundle also adds the Super Ghouls and Ghosts Stage 1 score, as well as the following costumes and the fighter who can use them.

Street Fighter V – Astaroth Costume: M. Bison
Street Fighter V – Arthur Costume: Ryu
Street Fighter V – Gloria Costume: Laura
Street Fighter V – Dante Costume: Ken
Street Fighter V – Nero Costume: Ed
Street Fighter V – Morrigan Costume: Chun-Li
Street Fighter V – Felicia Costume: Menat
Street Fighter V – Demitri Costume: Ed
Street Fighter V – Khaibit Costume: Menat
Street Fighter V – Donovan Costume: Urien
Street Fighter V – Lilith Costume: Juri

On top of that, Capcom have released two other DLC bundles, offering costumes for Ryu and Chun-Li specifically.

For £11.99 each, you can get a whole range of variants for both characters, such as Ryu’s Mega Man outfit and the Morrigan costume for Chun-Li.

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