Suiryu joins One Punch Man as DLC from tomorrow

Suiryu is joining the roster of One Punch Man fighters from tomorrow as DLC.

This will be the first piece of DLC for One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, and will let people experiment with the raw strength and power of a martial artist prodigy.

Suiryu is a master of the Void Fist and uses expert backflip kicks, downward strikes, and spinning fists to down his opponents.

His finisher – Dark Body Phoenix Rising Fist – is an absolute beast as well, that seems strong enough to send any adversary into the crowd. Who needs a baseball bat for that homerun?

Additionally, the Suiryu Character Pack adds new customisation items, special moves and missions, and it will be the first of four packs.

As part of a free content update, you’ll also get a new stage – the Super Fight tournament arena. Which looks pretty slick.

Suiryu releases tomorrow

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