PlayStation 5 Controller DualSense has been unveiled and it’s beautiful

I did not expect Sony to just drop images and info on their PS5 Controller on a random Tuesday but here we are.

The DualSense has been unveiled via a PlayStation Blog Post and the controller is a far departure from the DS4 we’ve been using the last few years.

Yes, it’s white. It’s also black, and it has gorgeous blue light running through it as well. That is not what I was expecting to see either, but I love it.

For comparison, here’s the Xbox Series X Controller.

It’s closer to the boomerang look that many thought the DS4 would originally look like but it also seems much sturdier and have more to grip than before.

The blog post says that Sony went through several hundreds of mockups over a period of years before deciding on the final DualSense model.

Some key features of the DualSense.

  • Haptic Feedback which provides various powerful sensations
  • L2 and R2 are now adaptive triggers
  • Create Button has Replaced the Share Button (details TBA)
  • The Lightbar now outlines the touchpad on controller.
  • Grip has been updated and hand triggers re-angled
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in Microphone for quick conversations

You can read more in-depth information about the DualSense here, but this is undoubtedly a striking design.

Jim Ryan has also said that the console design will be shared in the coming months, but does this give us the first hint that the PS5 could at least be partly white? That would be an interesting throwback to the original PS1 design.


(Source: PS Blog)

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