Super Mario Maker 2 gets final update on April 22, adds World Maker

Double surprise from Nintendo of America last night when they revealed Super Mario Maker 2 was getting a new update this week.

This will also be the last ever major update for the game, apparently. This feels unexpected, especially since Super Mario Maker feels like a game that could be expanded upon forever.

Fortunately, if this truly is the end then Nintendo are seeing the game out in style.

Beginning with the Super Mario Bros 2 Mushroom, you can add that into your games and enable Mario and co to pick up everything from Goombas to Chain Chomps.

Frog Suit has also been added in, as well as Power Balloon, Super Acorn, and Boomerang Flower.

Optional boxes can also be used, such as a Propeller Box and the POW box which lets you explode all boxes in sight.

Something else really cool is a Goomba mask, which can be used to disguise you amongst enemies which means you won’t be attacked.

Even the Koopalings can be brought into the fray!

There’s other neat wearables and additions, but the biggest inclusion has to be the World Maker mode.

With it, you can essentially create a full Super Mario Bros game and share it with the world. Which is absolutely amazing!

You’ll be able to adjust the overworld map, sculpting hills, adding panels to create a route to the castle, and even putting in features like bridges and rocks.

Once your world is built, you can place pre-made courses throughout along the path. And you can even choose what scenario your world takes place in, be it a snowy terrain or in an underground volcano.

This update sounds immense – worth buying the game for on its own – and it’s arriving for free tomorrow. We’ll be sure to revisit our favourite Mario Maker levels of the week soon!

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