Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania has a bunch of paid DLC

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is bringing the franchise back to current formats on October 5th.

With it also comes a bunch of DLC packs of varying appeal (appeel)

First up, there’s a Bonus Cosmetic Pack including ten different items for the monkeys to wear such as hates and shirts.

You can also grab a Classic Character Pack which presents the monkeys in their original GameCube glory. This is accompanied by the classic OST as well.

Perhaps most uniquely of all, you can actually put classic SEGA consoles in the Monkey Ball with another DLC pack, being the Game Gear, the Saturn and the Dreamcast with the SEGA Legends Pack for $4.99.

Yeah, really…

Other crossovers include Morgana from Persona and Hello Kitty as a paid DLC for $4.99.

It’s all looking pretty ace, honestly. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania launches October 5th on Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox.

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